UKEssays Review 2023: Legit and Reliable or Scam? (2023)

While most writing services try to cater to the widest customer base possible, UK Essay is a different story. Even from their name, you can tell that their services are aimed at students living and studying in the UK.

The history of UKEssay dates back to 2003, when the company was founded by just one person. Since then, the company grew to a huge staff and billions of words crafted for its customers. There is a physical UK Essays office in Nottingham, which the company suggests you can visit any time to say hello. The existence of a real office certainly adds to the company’s reputability.

On the UK Essays website, you can find out more about the history and mission of the service. Plus, there is a quick introduction of the in-house stuff. The company also employs over 500 freelance writers, so there is no way of knowing who exactly will work on your order. However, UKEssays promises that each writer on the team has a minimum of a 2:1 degree, although to non-UK based customers that probably doesn’t mean much.


If you are used to academic writing services who charge between $12 and $18 per page for a typical assignment, you are definitely going to be surprised by the prices offered by UKEssays, and it’s not going to be a positive surprise.

On average, the prices at UK Essays are three-four times as high as the prices you’re used to seeing in other writing services. Unfortunately, there is no detailed pricing page, so you won’t find out the estimated price for your paper until you proceed with placing the order. However, we can tell you that a one-page A-level paper will cost you £59, or $75, while a one-page Master’s paper is £97, or $123.

And in most cases, that is not the final price. To charge you even more for your order, UKEssays offers a few add-ons. The most popular one is the elite service, which raises the price for your order by 25%. For this money, you will get a dedicated personal manager, three months of free amendments, and a top researcher working on your order.

Another add-on is the grade you’re aiming for. For example, a B-grade A-level paper costs £57 per page, while an A*-grade A-level paper is £62 per page. We were rather surprised to see the price distinction in the UK Essays services, since we’ve come to expect academic writing companies to strive for the A grades regardless of the price for the order.

As far as we could see, there are no regular promotions or bonuses for existing or new customers. However, UKEssays sometimes offers discounts on certain services, but they are usually very limited to the type of service and the word count. For example, at the moment you can get a 15% discount on Master’s dissertation writing services, but only if your order exceeds 5,000 words. Still, even with the random discounts, the price for the orders is still too high for the majority of the customers.


In general, the quality of writing provided by UKEssays is pretty average. There are some positive reviews praising the service’s level of writing, but there are also many UKEssays reviews that are less than positive.

Many customers complain about parts of the papers being plagiarised, and since UK Essays does not advertise any thorough plagiarism checks included with the order, we tend to believe that there are occasional cases of plagiarism.

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Other common negative opinions about UKEssays include the fact that sometimes the word count is wrong and there are big parts of the requested text volume missing. Paper quality delivered by the service is also often far from ideal, with some customers suggesting that the writers for the company lack the necessary English skills to deliver quality papers.


Like most writing services aiming for improving their reputation, UK Essays offers the following guarantees to all customers:

  • The order is delivered exactly on time or you get your money back.
  • Only the most qualified writer is assigned to your order.
  • Your work is never sold again or republished anywhere.
  • The writer will strictly follow the details of the order.
  • There is a 7-day free amendment period, but only under certain conditions.

Payment options

The payment options offered by UKEssays include Visa, Mastercard, and Maestro. Moreover, you can pay through PayPal if you want to ensure the security of your personal and financial information. The website and the payment system are further encrypted to protect your data.

Pros and cons

As one of the leading UK-based writing services, UKEssays has some strong pros:

  • There is a variety of services on offer, so you can easily find the necessary one.
  • The company is rather open and has a physical location anyone can visit.
  • The history of the service includes over 15 years of work.

Still, there are several important cons to UK Essays you need to know about:

  • The prices are higher than average and not always justified by the quality.
  • Customer support is only available through live chat.
  • Various add-ons further increase the price of the paper.
  • There are hardly any discounts and bonuses even for long-time customers.


UK Essays is certainly not the worst writing services we’ve ever reviewed. There are some positive features that make a good experience with the company possible. However, the elevated prices that are often not fair for the quality of the papers UKEssays produces, may cause you to look for another writing service for your writing needs.


What is is an academic writing service. As you can guess from the name, it mostly does essays, but you can also order other kinds of written assignments from UKessays if you have a more specific task.

Is legit?

UKessays has been around since 2003 and hasn’t disappeared anywhere, which is definitely a positive sign. However, the legitimacy of is rather questionable because of the quality of their writing.

Is reliable?

If you don’t care about the deadlines, then you can probably call UKessays reliable. The truth is that the experience with this site can go hit or miss, and while many customers receive their papers on time, others report the papers being late.

How much does cost?

Compared to other essay writing services, UKessays is extremely expensive. For example, a 500-word high school essay with a 14-day deadline will cost you a whopping $127. To us, this price doesn’t seem justifiable no matter how great the writing may be.

Is a scam?

UKessays has been active for a long time, so it doesn’t look like an outright scam. However, given the prices set by the service and that you can get a comparable quality of writing for far less than that, we are inclined to consider UKessays to be somewhat a scam.

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Is safe?

UKessays appears to be a safe essay writing website, but we are concerned about the fact that you need to spend a long time looking for the site’s safety policies.

Is plagiarism-free?

Again, the website does not mention anything plagiarism-related; for example, how it ensures the originality of its papers or how it deals with the writers who plagiarize. However, if you catch UKessays plagiarizing your paper, you can get a $5,000 refund.

Are there discounts?

Not at all! Even despite the incredibly high prices, UKessays does not give its customers any opportunities to bring down the prices of their orders. The only thing you can do is go for a farther deadline.

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