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  • Don’t forget to do the exercises in the order they appear in the book. The data builds from exercise to exercise.
  • Is the Search window in SpringCharts not coming up as you expect it? Be sure to complete Exercise 3.1, using Figure 3.6 as your guide. When your “Search Mode” section matches Figure 3.6, the Search window should appear as expected.

Installation Walkthrough Video

This video shows the process to install the SpringCharts software.


Before you get started, please read through “McGraw-Hill’s Guide to Success with SpringCharts” for detailed instructions with screenshots. In the attached file you will find the following chapters Guide to Success with SpringCharts(4128.0K).

1. Introduction; 2. SpringCharts Installation Options; 3. System Requirements for Single-User version of SpringCharts 2011; 4. System Requirements for Network Version of SpringCharts 2011; 5. Removing Older Versions of SpringCharts before Installing SpringCharts Version 2011; 6. Single-User Installation Instructions; 7. Installing SpringCharts in Windows Vista or Windows 7; 8. Installing SpringCharts to a Flash Drive; 9. Downloading the EHR Material Folder; 10. Launching SpringCharts; 11. Backing Up and Restoring Data; 12. Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ); 13. Instructor Resources; 14. Technical Support

Download and Install the SpringCharts EHR Demo

NOTICE: By adopting the textbook Electronic Health Records, 3e, by Byron Hamilton, each student is authorized to download the SpringCharts EHR Demo Software for academic use on either a personal or school lab computer. The Demo includes all the functionality of the SpringCharts Single Computer Version with all optional features included, plus an on-screen guide to lead you through common features and functions. We added sample data including fully populated patient charts and examples of typical documents, templates, letters and more.

System Requirements for Single-User Version of SpringCharts 2011

The system requirements listed below are for SpringCharts 2011 running as the only application on the particular computer. Resource requirements need to be adjusted for additional applications that are running on the computer. Overall system requirements are:

  • Access to the internet.

  • A printer.

    (Video) SpringChart Installation

  • Minimum monitor resolution of 800 x 600 (1024 x 786 or better recommended).

  • Java™ 6 update 29 or later must be installed on all Windows or Mac computers which run SpringCharts:

    • 140 MB of disk space is required for the Java installation.

The minimum requirements for the SpringCharts single-user version are:

  • PC: A 2.8 GHz, or faster, processor.

  • Mac: Core 2 Duo, 64-bit, or faster, processor.

  • 500 MB available disk space (after loading the Java).

  • 4 GB of memory.

  • A computer running one of the following operating systems: Windows XP or above, or MacOS Snow Leopard (10.5) or above.

It is not recommended to run SpringCharts on the iPad.

Operating Environment Notice

It is recommended that highly resource-intensive programs and/or programs that may intermittently take over the majority of your system’s processing capacity or network bandwidth should not be run at the same time as SpringCharts. Examples of these types of programs are:

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  • Virus scans of the entire hard drive (scans of individual files are acceptable).

  • Streaming audio/video programs.

  • Certain backup programs (when activated).

Single-User Installation Instructions

Before you can begin working on the exercises in the Electronic Health Records textbook, you will need to access and download both the SpringCharts EHR software and the EHR Material folder located on this page. The EHR Material folder contains images, documents, and files to give students real scenarios for EHR documentation throughout the course. Please follow the instructions below to download Java Runtime Environment, SpringCharts EHR program, and the EHR Material folder onto your computer.

Installing Java Runtime Environment 1.6.0

SpringCharts’s operating system is Java Runtime Environment (JRE), which is distributed free of charge. JRE 1.6.0 must be installed on your computer before you run this version of SpringCharts EHR.

  1. Open your Internet browser and type in the following address: www.java.com.

  2. Click the Do I have Java? link to test your system for the correct version of Java.

  3. If your computer has JRE 1.6.0_29, you do not need to upgrade.

  4. If your system does not meet the requirements of JRE 1.6.0_29, you will need to download the latest update of JRE 1.6.0.

Installing SpringCharts EHR on a Single Computer

The SpringCharts installation procedure has just a few easy steps. Remember, the JRE needs to be installed on your computer before SpringCharts EHR will run.

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  1. Depending on your operating system (Mac or PC), click either the SpringCharts PC installer zip file PC Single User Installer or the SpringCharts Mac installer zip file Mac Single User Installer.

  2. Download the installer file to your computer desktop or your Downloads folder.

  3. Open the folder where you have downloaded the file.

  1. Decompress the downloaded file (right-click on the file and select the option to “Extract All”, or use a file program such as Winzip or StuffIt). Some operating systems will automatically decompress zipped files if you double-click on the installation application.

  2. Double click either the SpringChartsDEMOSetup.exe or SCDemoSetupMac installation application (depending on your operating system).

  3. You may receive a Window’s Security Alert screen; this is Windows trying to protect your system. Please click on the [Unblock] button to continue. You will only have to do this once.

  4. Read and accept the license agreement. By accepting this End user License Agreement (EULA) you are granted permission from Spring Medical Systems, Inc. to install and use the SpringCharts EHR program. Click the [Next] button.

  5. Follow the directions offered by the installer.

  6. Installation Location:

    1. Windows XP installation: The SpringCharts installer will install the SpringCharts program at C:\Program Files\SpringCharts Demo. This is the recommended installation location for Windows XP. To accept this default, simply click on the [Next] button and then the [Start] button.

    2. Windows Vista / Windows 7 installation: If you are installing SpringCharts to Windows Vista or Windows 7, you will need to select the Change Default Locations button and install the program to your C:/ drive.

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    3. Flash drive installation: If you are installing SpringCharts to a flash drive, you will select the Change Default Locations button and select the appropriate drive.

  7. After the files have been successfully installed, the final installation completion screen will appear. Click on the [Next] button, wait for the installing to complete, then click the [Exit] button.

  1. The installation is complete. Close any open windows, and you will see a shortcut icon to SpringCharts on your desktop. (If you are using a Mac, you will need to locate the program in your computer’s program files.)

Downloading and Installing the EHR Material Folder
There are several files that you will need to import into your SpringCharts program to complete some of the exercises in the textbook. These files are contained in the folder titled EHR Material.

  1. Click the EHR Material link EHR Material(197.0K).

  2. Download the zip file to your computer desktop.

  3. Decompress the downloaded file (right-click on the file and select the option to “Extract All”, or use a file program such as Winzip or StuffIt). Some operating systems will automatically decompress zipped files if you double-click on the installation application.

  4. Once the folder has been copied to your desktop or flash drive, you may close the web browser window.

When downloading the EHR Material folder, it is important that the folder be saved to an easily remembered location on your computer, such as the Desktop. In several of the exercises you will be instructed to navigate to this folder, so you will need to remember the location of the folder.

NEED SUPPORT? Contact the Customer Experience Group (CXG). They are available Sunday through Friday.

  • CXG Representatives can be reached @ 800-331-5094

    • View product frequently asked question (FAQs)

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    • Submit a support request using our contact us form http://mpss.mhhe.com/contact.php

    • View instructor orientation schedule


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