Postdoctoral Fellow in Sociology “Data Work in Healthcare: Between Policy and Practice”, NTNU Norwegian University of Science and Technology, Norway (2023)

This is NTNU

NTNU is a broad-based university with atechnical-scientific profile and a focusin professional education. The university is located in three cities with headquarters in Trondheim.

At NTNU, 9,000 employees and 42,000 students work to create knowledge for a better world.

You can find more information about working at NTNU and the application processhere .

About the position

The postdoctoral fellowship position is a temporary position where the main goal is to qualify for work in senior academic positions. The candidate will conduct research (67% obligation) and teach (33% of the time).Research: The postdoctoral fellow will be part of the project “Governance of and through digital health data in Norway.” Datafication is an important characteristic of the current socio-political-economic situation. With a focus on health data, the project elicits what this phenomenon means for the relations between citizens, public actors, and marked actors in Norway. Previous research showed that Nordic countries aim to position themselves as pioneers in the global health data economy, but Norway seems understudied in this regard.

The candidate is invited to develop and propose a project within this frame. Examples of areas might be ‘health data, public good and the welfare state’; Norwegian implementation of the European Health Data Space; digital health data technologies as forms of governmentalities; the role of privatized digital health services; new platforms and their influence on the organization of work in the health sector; etc.

Teaching: The candidate will teach and supervise within sociology and within the department’s interdisciplinary study programs.

Your immediate leader is the head of department.

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The postdoctoral fellow is part ofthe research group “Digitalization and Social Life.”

Duties of the position

  • Carry out sociological research on “DATA WORK IN HEALTHCARE: BETWEEN POLICY AND PRACTICE” within the fellow’s special research interest.
  • Teaching according to respective current study programs.
  • Supervision of master- and bachelor students within the study programs such as sociology, MORG, ODA and MKI.
  • Active participation inthe research group within the strategic area “Technology and Society.”
  • National networking, f. ex. through participation in the research school DIGIT.
  • It is required that the candidate participates in international activities, among others through conference attendance.
  • Responsibility for dissemination of research findings.


  • You must have completed a Norwegian PhD in sociology or related relevant field, or a similar foreign PhD approved as equivalent to a Norwegian PhD.
  • If you can document that the PhD thesis has been submitted, your application can be assessed even if you have not yet defended your dissertation. Documentation of the obtained doctoral degree must be presented before you can take up the position.
  • You must submit a high-quality project proposal.
  • Good written and oral English language skills

The appointment is to be made in accordance withRegulations on terms of employment for positions such as postdoctoral fellow, Ph.D Candidate, research assistant and specialist candidate.

Preferred selection criteria

  • Because of teaching and the focus of the project, good written and oral Norwegian/Scandinavian language skills are a big advantage.
  • Importance is attached to originality and quality in scientific publicationsand future research potential.
  • Documented interest in sociology of technology and/or sociology of health.
  • Interest and experience in qualitative methods and an interpretive approach will be considered advantageous.

Personal characteristics

  • Personal qualifications such as well organized, proactive, collaborative spirit, and motivation to contribute to an inclusive work environment will be ascribed high importance.
  • You should be a motivated teacher, eager to convey knowledge.

Emphasis will be placed on personal and interpersonal qualities.

Salary and conditions

As a Postdoctoral Fellow (code 1352) you are normally paid from gross NOK 563 500 per annum before tax, depending on qualifications and seniority. From the salary, 2% is deducted as a contribution to the Norwegian Public Service Pension Fund

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The period of employment is three years with one year teaching duties.

The engagement is to be made in accordance with the regulations in force concerningState Employees and Civil Servants , and the acts relating to Control of the Export of Strategic Goods, Services and Technology. Candidates who by assessment of the application and attachment are seen to conflict with the criteria in the latter law will be prohibited from recruitment to NTNU.

After the appointment you must assume that there may be changes in the area of work.

It is a prerequisite you can be present at and accessible to the institution on a daily basis.

About the application

The application and supporting documentation to be used as the basis for the assessment must be in Norwegian/Scandinavian or English.

Publications and other scientific work must follow the application.Please note that applications are only evaluated based on the information available on the application deadline. You should ensure that your application shows clearly how your skills and experience meet the criteria which are set out above. 

If, for any reason, you have taken a career break or have had an atypical career and wish to disclose this in your application, the selection committee will take this into account, recognizing that the quantity of your research may be reduced as a result.

The application must include:

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  • A project proposal of max. 5 pages, including a progress plan for the project. In the proposal, you should suggest an outline for a sociological inquiry on the topic of “DATA WORK IN HEALTHCARE: BETWEEN POLICY AND PRACTICE” including research questions, theoretical perspectives, and methodological design for your post doctor project. The proposal should show some familiarity with previous research. Originality is appreciated; and the project proposal will be further developed with help of the research group after employment. When drafting the progress plan, keep in mind that the project shall be feasible to conduct within two years of 100%-time dedication.
  • Scientific CV incl. complete publication list.
  • Transcripts and diplomas for bachelor's-, master's- and PhD degrees. If you have not yet completed your Ph.D, you must provide confirmation on your estimated date for the doctoral dissertation, or that your PhD thesis has been submitted
  • A copy of the doctoral thesis. If you are close to submitting, or have recently submitted your thesis, you can attach a draft of the thesis.
  • Up to three academic works - published or unpublished - that you would like to be considered in the assessment (choose your best items.)
  • Name and contact information of three referees

If all,or parts,of your education has been taken abroad, we also ask you to attach documentation of the scope and quality of your entire education.Description of the documentation required can befoundhere . If you already have a statement from NOKUT,pleaseattachthisas well.

Joint works will be considered. If it is difficult to identify your contribution to joint works, you must attach a brief description of your participation.

In the evaluation of which candidate is best qualified, emphasis will be placed on education, experienceand personal and interpersonalqualities.Motivation,ambitions,and potential will also countin the assessment ofthe candidates.

NTNU is committed to following evaluation criteria for research quality according toThe San Francisco Declaration on Research Assessment - DORA.

General information

Working at NTNU

NTNU believes that inclusion and diversity is a strength. We want our faculty and staff to reflect Norway’s culturally diverse population and we continuously seek to hire the best minds. This enables NTNU to increase productivity and innovation, improve decision making processes, raise employee satisfaction, compete academically with global top-ranking institutions and carry out our social responsibilities within education and research. NTNU emphasizes accessibility and encourages qualified candidates to apply regardless of gender identity, ability status, periods of unemployment or ethnic and cultural background.

NTNU is working actively to increase the number of women employed in scientific positions and has a number ofresources to promote equality .

The city of Trondheimis a modern European city with a rich cultural scene. Trondheim is the innovation capital of Norway with a population of 200,000.The Norwegian welfare state, including healthcare, schools, kindergartens and overall equality, is probably the best of its kind in the world. Professional subsidized day-care for children is easily available. Furthermore, Trondheim offers great opportunities for education (including international schools) and possibilities to enjoy nature, culture and family life and has low crime rates and clean air quality.

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As an employee at NTNU, you mustat all timesadhere to the changes that the development in the subject entails and the organizational changes that are adopted.

A public list of applicants with name, age, job title and municipality of residence is prepared after the application deadline. If you want to reserve yourself from entry on the public applicant list, this must be justified. Assessment will be made in accordance withcurrent legislation . You will be notified if the reservation is not accepted.

If you have any questions about the position, please contact Associate Professor Heidrun Åm, e-mail: .

If you have any questions about the recruitment process, please contact Renate Lillian Johansen

If you think this looks interesting and in line with your qualifications, please submit your application electronically via with your CV, diplomas and certificates attached. Applications submitted elsewhere will not be considered.Upon request, you must be able to obtain certified copies of your documentation.

Application deadline: 21.11.2022

NTNU - knowledge for a better world

The Norwegian University of Science and Technology (NTNU) creates knowledge for a better world and solutions that can change everyday life.

Department of Sociology and Political Science

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We conduct research, teaching and dissemination in sociology, political science, media, communication and information technology, and sport sciences. The Department offers five-year master’s programmes in teacher education (lektorutdanning) in social sciences as well as in physical education and sports. As a social science department we have a special obligation to contribute to the public debate on important social issues.The Department of Sociology and Political Science is one of seven departments inthe Faculty of Social and Educational Sciences.


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