iPhone 12 mini release date, price & specs (2023)

Apple announced the iPhone 12 mini (along with its big brothers, the iPhone 12, iPhone 12 Pro and 12 Pro Max) at a special event on Tuesday 13 October 2020. In this article we bring you all the launch details, from the pre-order and on-sale dates and pricing (in the UK and US) to the new features, tech specs and design of the new handset.

Update 8 February 2021: Apple is said to be considering discontinuing the iPhone 12 mini.

Release date

  • iPhone 12 mini pre-orders: 6 November
  • iPhone 12 mini on-sale: 13 November

Apple announced four new iPhone models at its 13 October launch event, we discuss the features and details of the other iPhone 12 models here, but this article is all about the brand new iPhone 12 mini.

On 6 November the iPhone 12 mini (and iPhone 12 Pro Max) became available to preorder.

The iPhone 12 mini hit the shops on 13 November.

How much does the iPhone 12 mini cost?

The iPhone 12 mini starts at £699/$699, and is available in 64GB, 128GB and 256GB storage options.

Here’s the full price list:

  • iPhone 12 mini (64GB): £699/$699
  • iPhone 12 mini (128GB): £749/$749
  • iPhone 12 mini (256GB): £849/$849

Last year the entry level iPhone 11 started at £729/$699, so this is a decent saving on the price of entry to a new iPhone.

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It’s still not as cheap as the iPhone SE though, which has seen a price drop in the UK to £399 from £419 (it was always $399 in the US).

The iPhone XR has also seen a further price drop: at launch that phone was £749/$749, then £629/$599, it now starts at £499/$499.

As you can see, Apple’s iPhone line up now includes some much lower price points than it did previously, so the iPhone 12 mini has some competition.

Of course you may be looking at those prices and wondering what exchange rate Apple is using. As usual if you were to perform a straight currency conversion the iPhones cost more in pounds than they do in dollars, but there is of course no VAT included in the US prices, and Apple tends to blame the cost of doing business here for its clever exchange rate calculations.

You can experiment with the iPhone 12 mini design and accessories in Apple’s iPhone 12 website.

How popular is iPhone 12 mini?

There are reports that the mini model hasn’t been all that popular, with only 6% of sales. More here: iPhone 12 mini is less popular than the larger models.

And according to an analyst report Apple has reduced production of the iPhone 12 mini.

Where to buy the iPhone 12 mini

You can pre-order the iPhone 12 mini handset from Apple itself here, but there will be plenty of other options. We have a separate article where we run through the different places that will sell the iPhone 12, but you can try the following:

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iPhone 12 mini – SIM-Free

iPhone 12 mini – On Contract

  • Carphone Warehouse – Best deal: £400 with old iPhone trade in – £99 upfront, £34.99 per month for 20GB data
  • EE – Best deal: £300 off with trade-in of iPhone XS or XS Max, £61 per month for unlimited data (no upfront cost), includes 3 Smart Benefits (Apple Music, Apple TV+, Apple Arcade and more)
  • O2 – Best deal: £47.95 per month, £30 upfront for 90GB data (includes 20% off AirPods Pro, £350 off with trade-in, and 6 months of Disney+, Prime Video or another streaming app)
  • Sky Mobile – Best Deal: £30 off AirPods – £36 per month for 10GB data (no upfront cost)
  • Three – Best Deal: Free AirPods with unlimited data – £56 per month reduced to £28 per month, £99 upfront
  • Virgin Mobile – Best Deal: £35 per month, no upfront cost for 100GB data with free accessories bundle
  • Vodafone – Best Deal: £21 off Unlimited Max plan – £46 per month (was £67), £29 upfront for unlimited data
  • (US) – Starts at £25 per month with up to $700 off when you trade-in and add a new line
  • Verizon (US) – Starts at £29.16 per month, upgrade and save up to $412, or save $150 on an iPad or $100 on Apple Watch

iPhone 12 mini design

Apple describes the iPhone 12 mini as the “smallest, thinnest and lightest 5G phone in the world”.

Compared to Apple’s other small iPhone, the iPhone SE, the dimensions are as follows:

  • iPhone 12 mini 131.5mm x 64.2mm x 7.4mm (135g)
  • iPhone SE 138.4mm x 67.3mm x 7.3mm (148g)

The iPhone 12 mini is thereby smaller and lighter than the iPhone SE, with the SE being only a fraction narrower (you aren’t going to notice a fraction of a millimetre).

Of course the iPhone 12 mini might be smaller, but it has a bigger 5.4in display, as opposed to a 4.7in display, thanks to the removal of the Home button. Therefore the iPhone 12 mini has the famous notch at the top of the display for Face ID, rather than Touch ID like the iPhone SE. Speaking of Touch ID, there were some desperate rumours that there would be Touch ID on the iPhone 12’s power button, but unfortunately not.

iPhone 12 mini colour options

As usual the iPhone 12 mini (and it’s larger sibling the iPhone 12) come in ‘fun’ colours. The iPhone 12 and the 12 mini come in blue, green, (PRODUCT) Red, white and black. The pro models come in ‘professional’ Pacific Blue, gold, graphite and silver finishes. We imagine that blue will be a popular option. 2020 seems to be the year of Blue if the Apple Watch Series 6 is anything to go by. iPhone 12 mini release date, price & specs (1)

iPhone 12 mini specs

Despite being smaller than the iPhone 12, the iPhone 12 mini shares the same features as its larger sibling. There are, of course, features on the iPhone 12 Pro and Pro Max that the 12 and the mini lack.

To find out more about what’s inside the iPhone 12 mini read: iFixit takes apart the iPhone 12 mini.


All the new iPhones offer a new Ceramic Shield front cover – this is the ceramic screen tech that was rumoured earlier, described as ceramic substrate glass that increases hardness and resistance. So it should be tougher and less likely to smash if (when) you drop it. Apple used to use Gorilla Glass but in our experience that has never stopped a screen smashing for us, so hopefully the new glass will be more smash proof. Apple says it “increases drop performance by 4x”.

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Those displays are Super Retina XDR display, like those on the iPhone 11 Pro and 11 Pro Max. It’s an improvement on the Liquid Retina HD display of the iPhone 11 and iPhone XR and the Retina HDdisplay of the SE though.

Apple also boasts a 2 million-to-1 contrast ratio for true blacks, and an immersive HDR viewing experience for high-definition video, photos with more detail, and nearly twice the peak brightness of iPhone 11.

There are reports that some users are experiencing a problem with the iPhone 12 mini lock screen being unresponsive.

iPhone 12 mini release date, price & specs (2)


The iPhone 12 mini offers a dual-lens rear camera, as does the iPhone 12. The camera has a 12MP ultra-wide ƒ/2.4 aperture lens and a 12MP wide ƒ/1.6 aperture lens.

This isn’t as advanced as the camera on the iPhone 12 Pro, which has three lenses, and the iPhone 12 Pro Max has an even better camera with a sensor that is 47% larger for better low light photographs. The iPhone 12 Pro adds a ƒ/2.0 aperture telephoto lens (while the Pro Mac has a ƒ/2.2 aperture telephoto lens).

Like the iPhone 11 series the new iPhone 12 models, including the mini, offer Night Mode, Deep Fusion. The iPhones SE and XR lack these modes. Apple says that improvements to Night Mode will result in brighter pictures and better contrast for photos shot in low-light settings, and there should be more texture and less noise in Deep Fusion photos.

With HDR video recording with Dolby Vision up to 30fps, Apple is boasting “the highest quality video in a smartphone.” The iPhone 12 Pro models go up to 60fps. This same video quality capability is shared by the front facing camera, so you’ll look good in FaceTime calls. Speaking of which, it is possible to experience FaceTime HD (1080p) over 5G or Wi-Fi.

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Another addition, smart HDR 3 will use machine learning to “intelligently adjust the white balance, contrast, texture, and saturation of a photo for remarkably natural-looking images”.

iPhone 12 mini release date, price & specs (3)


Like all the iPhone 12 models the iPhone 12 mini gets the new A14 Bionic chip that Apple describes as the “fastest CPU and GPU by up to 50 percent compared to the fastest competing smartphone chips, enabling console-quality gaming experiences, powerful computational photography, and more, while delivering great battery life.”

It’s also got a 16-core Neural Engine, which should mean an 80 percent increase in performance, according to Apple.

Battery and charging

The iPhone 12 Mini has a 2,227mAh battery, which is smaller than its siblings. Therefore it’s no surprise that battery life isn’t quite as good. Apple claims up to 15 hours video playback, for example, compared to 17 hours for the 12 and the Pro, and 20 on the Max.

As for charging, Apple has revived the MagSafe, but this time it will describe a new technology for wireless chargers and cases. MagSafe was originally the name of the technology that allowed the power cable of a MacBook to attach and detach via magnets (so that if you tripped over the wire your laptop wouldn’t go flying). This time the name describes a circular magnet on the back of the iPhone to which wireless chargers – so far the MagSafe Charger and the MagSafe Duo Charger – can attach. There will also be third party products available.

Note that the iPhone 12 mini only charges at 12 watts with MagSafe.

There is no power adapter included with the iPhone 12 – or the XR, 11 or SE from now on. Here are details on which power adapter plug you need for the iPhone.

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Also, read about why MagSafe rather than USB-C is the future of the iPhone here: Why we will never see an iPhone with USB-C

Learn more about MagSafe here: What is MagSafe?


One last thing that we can’t not mention is 5G. The iPhone 12 mini, like all its new siblings, will offer 5G connectivity. Whether your network will probably depends on a lot of factors.


How much was iPhone 12 mini when released? ›

iPhone 12 and iPhone 12 mini will be available in 64GB, 128GB, and 256GB models in blue, green, black, white, and (PRODUCT)RED starting at $799 and $699, respectively.

How much will the iPhone 12 mini cost in 2022? ›

How much does an iPhone 12 Mini cost? iPhone 12 Mini prices start at $268 and cost $380 on average as of December 2022. iPhone 12 Mini prices will continue to get cheaper over time. Apple phones hold their value well, but prices will continue to drop as time passes and new models are announced.

How old is the iPhone 12 mini? ›

Apple announced the iPhone 12 mini on October 13, 2020, and it went up for pre-order on November 6. It and the iPhone 12 replace the old iPhone 11, with a smaller display at 5.4-inches compared to the iPhone 11's 6.1-inch display.

Is iPhone 12 mini worth buying? ›

The iPhone 12 mini is built for those who have been longing for a smaller iPhone that is easy to use in one hand, and if you want Apple's full-on smartphone experience in a more compact package, this is the iPhone for you. In short, it's one of the best iPhones.

Why is iPhone 12 mini not selling? ›

Sadly, Apple ditched the idea of mini iPhones and introduced a new iPhone 14 Plus. That means, no more iPhone mini. The iPhone 12 mini features a 5.4-inch HDR display screen and packs the A14 Bionic Chip.

How long does iPhone 12 mini battery last? ›

Apple iPhone 12 Mini specifications
Apple iPhone 12 MiniSpecifications
ProcessorApple A14 Bionic
Cameras12-megapixel dual lens camera with wide-angle and ultra-wide angle lenses
Selfie Camera12-megapixel
Estimated Battery LifeUp to 15 hours
6 more rows
Jul 30, 2021

Will iPhone 12 mini last all day? ›

The iPhone 12 Mini battery lasts 5 hours and 10 minutes playing back videos non-stop from 100% until the phone dies.

Should I buy iPhone 12 mini or wait for 13? ›

The iPhone 13's aforementioned A15 Bionic processor is offering faster speeds and longer battery life compared to the iPhone 12's A14 Bionic chip. Specifically, the iPhone 13 should last roughly 2.5 hours longer than the iPhone 12, while the iPhone 13 Mini gets an extra 1.5 hours over last year's 12 Mini.

Is iPhone 12 mini a premium phone? ›

It is perfect for people who want a premium phone with a smaller screen. The iPhone 12 mini sells for Rs 69,900 in India.

Is iPhone 12 mini waterproof? ›

The iPhone 12 Mini is water-resistant. It has a rating of “IP68” which means they are fully protected from dust and can handle being underwater for up to 30 minutes at a depth of 6 metres. If your phone gets dropped in a puddle, a shallow pool, or wet from the rain, it will be just fine.

Which is better iPhone 11 or 12 mini? ›

If the display, performance, camera, and design are more important to you, then choose the Apple iPhone 12 mini. But if the battery life is more of a priority – go for the Apple iPhone 11.

Which is better iPhone 12 or 12 mini? ›

The ‌iPhone 12‌ has a size of 6.1 inches, and the 12 mini has a size of 5.4 inches. This means that the larger phone will be able to display more content, with the UI elements of apps spaced further apart, and items such as the keyboard will be much bigger.

Which iPhone mini is best? ›

The iPhone 13 mini is the best iPhone for those who want a smaller device on Apple's iOS platform. In fact, it's arguably still the best small phone on the market. It's powerful, the camera is top-tier, and the battery life is better than that of the iPhone 12 mini.

Is iPhone 12 mini a good phone in 2022? ›

Its really good phone, The best of all iPhones i had, its really easy to get use to small small screen, even battery Times is acceptable, but really 87% condition after 10 months? For compare in XR i had 86% after 3 years. wkndbg, 05 Oct 2022guys i've been thinking of getting the 12 mini or the 11 pro.

Why do people buy iPhone Mini? ›

Better Display

It is true the iPhone 13 Mini comes with just a 5.4-inch display. However, it has charm; the device is compact and made for people who want a pocket-friendly design. The key benefit you get with a small size is higher ppi, which means you'll have a more bright and colourful viewing experience.

Is iPhone 14 mini coming? ›

The iPhone 14 lineup is the first iPhone series to not include a display size below six inches, despite sticking with the 6.1-inch and 6.7-inch form factors of previous generations that included a 5.4-inch model.

What is the lowest price of iPhone 12 mini? ›

Apple iPhone 12 Mini price in India starts from ₹37,999. It is available at lowest price on Flipkart in India as on Dec 28, 2022. Take a look at Apple iPhone 12 Mini detailed specifications and features.

Is it OK to charge iPhone 12 mini overnight? ›

Conclusion. As you can see, leaving your iPhone to charge overnight is not a good idea. Not only does it reduce the lifespan of the battery, but it can also cause the battery to overheat.

Is iPhone 12 mini fast charging? ›

The Apple iPhone 12 mini supports fast battery charging via USB Power Delivery. Apple ships the phone without a charger, but you can opt for Apple's 20W PD charger or another 20W+ USB-PD compatible adapter.

Is iPhone 12 mini 5G? ›

iPhone 12 models or later work with the 5G cellular networks of certain carriers. Learn how to use 5G cellular service.

How much is iPhone 12 mini battery? ›

Apple iPhone 12 Mini Battery Replacement cost is Rs. 4999 with 6 months warranty.

Does iPhone 12 mini have battery issues? ›

Sadly, there's a downside to the iPhone 12 mini compact size. Making such a small and thin device can only mean the battery is also going to be small. And with a 2,227mAh battery, chances are, the iPhone 12 mini won't last you a whole day on a single charge.

What is difference between iPhone 12 mini and 13 mini? ›

The most noticeable difference between the ‌‌‌iPhone 13‌‌‌ mini and ‌‌‌iPhone 12‌‌‌ is the size of their displays. The ‌‌‌iPhone 13‌‌‌ mini has a display size of 5.4-inches and the ‌‌iPhone 12‌‌ has a display size of 6.1-inches.

Is iPhone 13 mini expensive? ›

The ‌iPhone 13‌ mini starts at $599 and the ‌iPhone 13‌ starts at $699. Although the two phones share the vast majority of features, there are a small number of differences between the devices besides just screen size.

Will iPhone 13 mini price drop? ›

How much does an iPhone 13 Mini cost? iPhone 13 Mini prices start at $408 and cost $543 on average as of December 2022. iPhone 13 Mini prices will continue to get cheaper over time. Apple phones hold their value well, but prices will continue to drop as time passes and new models are announced.

What are the best features of iPhone 12 mini? ›

  • Two just‑right sizes. Learn more about the two sizes — and other key features.
  • A fast and powerful chip. ...
  • Great battery life. ...
  • A flawless flat‑edge design. ...
  • Advanced dual-camera system with Night mode selfies. ...
  • A remarkably durable Ceramic Shield front. ...
  • A bright, beautiful OLED display. ...
  • MagSafe.

What is the difference between 12 and 12mini? ›

The only differences between the iPhone 12 mini and the iPhone 12 is physical size, display size and cost. Otherwise, the colours, storage options, camera and hardware is identical between the two models, as well as the design. The 12 mini is a genuinely fantastic little device if you prefer smaller handsets though.

Does iPhone 12 mini have wireless charging? ›

Get up to 15W faster wireless charging

For iPhone 13 mini and iPhone 12 mini, the MagSafe Charger delivers up to 12W of peak power delivery. It's important to plug into a power source before placing your iPhone on the MagSafe Charger.

Can iPhone 12 mini take pictures underwater? ›

Are iPhones waterproof? No, the Apple iPhone is not entirely waterproof but comes with IP68 water resistance. The water resistance feature is key when taking underwater photos with an iPhone. Since iPhone 7, the iPhone has been water-resistant, and, as new models have been released, this resistance has gone up.

Is iPhone 12 mini Dual SIM? ›

Your iPhone can use one cellular data network at a time. If you want to use 5G with Dual SIM on iPhone 12, iPhone 12 mini, iPhone 12 Pro, or iPhone 12 Pro Max, make sure that you have iOS 14.5 or later.

Can iPhone 12 mini go in shower? ›

With an IP68 water-resistance rating, the iPhone is not protected against high pressure or temperatures, according to the International Electrotechnical Commission. So, Apple recommends that you do not swim, shower, bathe, or play water sports with an iPhone 12.

What is the smallest iPhone? ›

The iPhone 13 mini is the only mini iPhone that Apple still sells, with a 5.4-inch screen. They also still sell the iPhone SE, which has a smaller 4.7-inch screen but a bigger body.

What was the price of iPhone 12 when it was released? ›

Apple iPhone 12 was launched in India for Rs 79,900 in October 2020 and was recently available for Rs 59,900 on Flipkart. iOS 16.2 is set to bring 5G for all iPhone users in India.

When was the 12 mini released? ›

iPhone 12 mini release date: November 13, preorders start November 6. Storage versions: 64G/128G/256G.


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